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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer in the FAQs below, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to help.

What is an End Point Assessment (EPA) and what does it consist of?

The End Point Assessment is an Assessment process for the new apprenticeship standard.  It is the final process for an Apprentice to demonstrate their competency within their trade.  An EPA is designed to ensure the Apprentice has satisfied all the knowledge, skill and behavioural requirements as set out in the Apprenticeship Standard.

The EPA Assessment consists of:-

  • A theoretical knowledge test by multiple choice questions containing generic questions relevant to the welders skill/knowledge modules selected by the employer.
  • Two practical tests and an oral examination.  The practical tests will be to a recognised industry specification e.g. BS EN ISO 9606.  The EPA examiner will conduct an oral examination to assess the apprentice’s knowledge for the tests he/she is undertaking.
  • A professional interview of the apprentice’s knowledge relevant to his/her role and, to assess the apprentice’s occupational behaviours.  

I need to qualify four apprentices to level 2, how many tests do they need?

Each apprentice will need to complete two weld tests, therefore, eight in total.

Who selects the modules the apprentices need to qualify to?

The employer should select which modules the apprentice needs to qualify to.

Do apprentices for level 2 and 3 need to register for End Point Assessment in advance or just before the Gateway?

It would be advisable to apply for TWI CL to be your End Point Assessor at the beginning as we need to draw up a Service Level Agreement and quotation.  We can also build your college into the programme with your required end point assessment date.

Who selects the standard i.e. BS EN ISO 9606-1 the apprentices need to qualify too?

The employer should select which standard the apprentice needs to qualify too.

Can the college conduct the practical welding tests?

If the college is a TWI CL certified CSWTO centre with an approved CSWIP Welding Examiner (who has not been involved with the apprentice training) has signed a Service Level Agreement with TWI CL for their EPA, they can invigilate the test and organise any NDT or destructive testing as per the applicable code. All samples and reports should be presented to the EPA representative for their verification.

What happens if a student fails the oral or written exam?

The student is eligible for a retest on the failed part in accordance with the requirements document.

The student is eligible for a retest on the failed part in accordance with the requirements document. Please see the Apprentice Welder  or the Nuclear Welding Inspector Technician for specific details.

What is the cost per student?

Please complete the Apprentice EPA application form for a quote which can be found on the website.

How much notice do you require to conduct the EPA?

Once you have a contract with TWI CL for you EPA a mutually convenient time would be agreed, we would prefer at least four weeks’ notice.

Are EPA practice question papers available?

Practice papers are available to the training provider once TWI CL is in receipt of the agreed quotation, the signed Service Level Agreement and supplied a purchase order to secure the end point assessment. 

Can the EPA be carried out at the employers factory/offices?

This is a possibility as long as the facilities are found to be acceptable, this may need a pre EPA audit visit.   

Guidance of the syllabus and associated examination information  

Employer Occupational Brief for Levels 2 and 3 Welding Apprenticeship Standards