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TWI Certification Ltd


The Education and Skills Funding Agency has approved TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) as an End Point Assessment Organisation for the Metal Fabricator Level 3 Apprenticeship standard.  TWI CL is proud to promote its eighth standard to colleges and training providers.  

A metal fabricator creates metal structures using rolled steel joists, steel plate, sheet metal, columns and channels and is skilled in techniques such as cutting, bending and assembling to known specifications. Work can include the manufacturing of bridges, ships, cranes, oil rigs, equipment supports and anything that can be fabricated out of metal. Fabricators work in teams or individually within fabrication workshops, yards and for site installations.

The requirements of the standard ensures that apprentices are skilled in producing a range of fabrications varying in size and weight; from immense structures that require several cranes to manipulate, down to small components that can be picked up easily by hand. The standard aims to provide competence in working with material thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm for a large variety of materials including steel, aluminium and titanium.

The daily routine of the apprentice would require interactions with a variety of different roles that influence the final fabrication component, such as designers, planners, supervisors, inspectors and also other trades that will aid in the manufacturing process. They are responsible for joining metal using a variety of techniques, often to form new structures. Duties include cutting and welding materials according to technical plans.

Successful completion of the Metal Fabricator Level 3 End Point Assessment, will not only demonstrate the learner’s skills, knowledge and behaviors of the profession, but also gives them the opportunity to apply to The Welding Institute for Technician (TechWeldI) membership and Engineering Technician (EngTech) registration with the Engineering Council. This demonstrates to an employer academic knowledge and also professional competence and commitment, as it is assessed by other engineering professionals.

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If you are interested in taking advantage of TWI CL’s EPA services or you would like further information, please contact us.