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TWI Certification Ltd
TWI CL becomes the first UK company to conduct a successful EPA Approval in Welding Level 2

TWI Certification becomes the first UK company to conduct a successful End Point Assessment Approval (EPA) in Welding Level 2

TWI CL is an approved End Point Assessment (EPA) organisation for apprentices who have undertaken Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician, Level 2 or Level 3 Welding or NDT Operator and Technician apprenticeships.

An End Point Assessment is the final assessment of an apprentice to ensure that they can do the job they have been trained for and includes performance led development goals but is separate to any qualifications or assessments taken during the apprenticeship itself.

An Accurate assessment needs to be completed by experience field assessors.  TWI CL's dedicated assessors have the expertise to advise and steer candidates through the EPA, in turn making sure that newly qualified staff have the necessary skills and competence related to industry standards.

In the first instance, interested organisations will need to submit an application form to take advantage of TWI CL's EPA services.

For further information please email: epaenquiry@twi.co.uk.